NOVOGLAN Government Approved Medical Device

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NOVOGLAN is a Government approved medical device for use at home. The registration number is ARTG 168962 and can be found at register of medical devices.

The device has been independently assessed by competent urological specialist and is intended for use to treat phimosis.

Andrew James the CEO of Platigo Solutions is well known for supporting good health causes and promoting good quality solutions to health care customers and professionals.

Platigo Solutions promotes all NOVOGLAN products via the company online store at

Please take a look at the site and you can contact the customer service team via chat, email or phone if you have any questions.

NOVOGLAN Offers a 100% money back guarantee as it pursues its mission of helping men treat their phimosis. If you for any reason you have a question when using the device - do not hesitate to contact us for help. We strive for a 99% customer satisfaction rate. We have a 0.01% rate of return on the money back guarantee and we keep this fugure low by helping all our customers get the result they are looking for.

We recognise that results vary from person to person and that one man may find the results come very quickly, others may find it takes longer.

We look forward to helping you.



Novoglan rocks - best product of its kind ever. No mess no fuss just a good stretch.



Novoglan Excellent Results Confirmed!

Not resolved

I tried using other stretching products but Novoglan is the only product that works by a long way. It is the only product that tells you it will take time and to go slowly so as not to do any damage. I used the competitor product last year and tore my ***. My doctor told me about novoglan and after I used steroids to fix my tear - I use the novoglan product for 3 weeks. I can now fully retract my ***.

What I recommend is that you get the full Complete Kit as it has everything you need. I wouldn't get the standard as you need to pay for extra postage. You get free postage with the bigger kit plus the lubricant which is awesome as well as the soap and cream which were really good. I use the soap and lubricant now all the time and I purchase the novoglan lucubration in bulk to save.

Ignore the nutters and nasty people - there are these bad rants on the web about novoglan but they come from people with a pro circumcision view and want to get rid of novoglan.

The best thing about novoglan is that if it doesn't work for you they will give you a refund - no questions asked. I checked with Pay Pal about the company that sells novoglan and they tell me that they have a 100% verified supplier with no complaints and have had a pay pal account in active operations since 2006 without a problem. They have a 0.01% refund request rate which is really inspiring.

Anyway - thought I would tell you my great experience with novoglan.

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